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Saturday, November 21, 2015, 5:50:26 PM- Hick Chick INC. LOL
Hi all my sweet friends:)

Well it has been a busy fall , starting my own busniss and running through all the legal paper work and such, but we got it done and now I have 3 clients and hired a lady to help me. The one big client that actually got me to do this pays the bills, but the two new ones is a bonus. It was kinda hard deciding to go and do this but, I didn't have to have any capitol funds or money so it was a DUH! LOL if it fails I am out nothing and Mick makes enuff for us to live on.

If your wondering it is Logistics, overland shiping and transport accounting. River tariffs and port fees, state taxes and even gulf countries all have so many fees and taxes. Thats what I do, make sure my clients know what they are gonna have to pay.

I loved the fall! all the red,gold,yellow leaves and the green evergreens making mother natures colorfull pallet in the woods behind our house and yard. Now they are brown and we have to rake them lolz blaaaaa. I love riding through the woods in the fall on our 4 wheelers but Deer season is in so we do not venture out much, The hunters don't like disturbance lolz

Bella has learned to ride the little 4 wheeler pretty good so it is fun to take her out and have a mother daughter experience.

ok I could ramble on for ever just wanted my friends know I am still alive and well :) love you all

For old times sakes

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust ...The Magic goes on!
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Thursday, November 19, 2015, 4:42:52 AM- Hiya
It is great to hear from some of my friends from the other site. I miss you all and it is great to hear from you. Ya know I love you all and love hearing from ya.

I am who I am little Hick Chick Deluxe

nice seeing my true friends seek me out.

Love and friendship rules thank ya allz.

Love, trust and pixie Dust......The magic goes on!
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Thursday, October 29, 2015, 7:02:46 PM- hi all ya Allombo Folks!
Hi, I am Faith Ann.

I have post a few of my Husband and myself's projects on here so I am not new to this site. Some folks know me, some don't, but I enjoy this site because of the excellent photos people post on here from all over the earth. I can see things from regular folks from their part of the world I would never see other wise.

We have posted a couple radio Flyer wagons we have restored and have another one we will do this winter. I will do the before and after soon.

Keep those excellent photos coming in here I love looking at them.

Faith Ann
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