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Comment on Diamond_girl322's ( ) profile:
23-Feb-21  5:41:53 (1 day ago)
Just in case you were thought you were on a dating or pick up site, you're not, you are actually on a site to post pics for general viewing.
Comment on SmallBird737's ( ) profile:
22-Jan-21  7:59:13 (33 days ago)
this is a G RATED site, keep your "body" on the other site, thank you !
Comment on Pauls69dreams's ( ) profile:
16-Jan-21  21:57:56 (39 days ago)
hate to break the bad news to ya but this isnt a pick up site for potential relationships is a G RATED photo posting site. !! that means, you post photos you take of G RATED subjects, that means... no sexual or nudity ones !
Comment on FullHyena902's ( ) profile:
26-Dec-20  5:22:27 (60 days ago)
This isnt a site for posting pics like you had posted, hence why it is now gone !!
Comment on fullfresh3's ( ) profile:
22-Dec-20  16:23:56 (64 days ago)
thank you
Comment on Rick's ( ) profile:
16-Dec-20  23:05:24 (70 days ago)
this site isnt for you to express your sexual desires or the like... keep your comments like that off here and on the other site only , thanks !!
Comment on fullfresh3's ( ) profile:
1-Dec-20  19:50:22 (85 days ago)
Welcome from Greece, kalimera :)
Comment on Kippo7's ( ) profile:
30-Nov-20  14:15:35 (86 days ago)
this is NOT a site for posting porn or nudity, read the rules you agreed to upon joining up !!!
Comment on Norbert's ( ) profile:
8-Nov-20  20:24:29 (108 days ago)
this site is NOT for posting pics of your little fella !! keep that for other site !!
Comment on steve9972's ( ) profile:
22-Aug-20  5:18:57 (186 days ago)
this isnt a nude / porn posting site !! keep them off here , thanks !
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
28-Jun-20  13:32:24 (241 days ago)
Still a great profile pic, but your eyes have moved and got a lot bigger! :P
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
27-Jun-20  4:32:40 (242 days ago)
Thank you for the comments :) muchly appreciated xx
Comment on Bubbles's ( ) profile:
21-Jun-20  22:56:31 (248 days ago)
Thanks hun :) x
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
20-Jun-20  5:48:38 (249 days ago)
nice to see you back around these parts, you have been missed xx :)
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
19-Jun-20  11:05:47 (250 days ago)
Passing through to say hello to a special friend.
Comment on OldManEmu's ( ) profile:
24-Apr-20  0:13:47 (307 days ago)
yes, amsterdam , the country I loved to and would love to live there :)
Comment on OzPics's ( ) profile:
22-Apr-20  10:29:27 (308 days ago)
Welcome :) look forward to seeing more pics from you :)
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
5-Apr-20  13:57:24 (325 days ago)
Great profile pic, lovely eyes!
Comment on ElleFoxie's ( ) profile:
17-Jan-20  5:08:29 (1 year ago)
Hmm miss Foxie, wondering how you are and where you are, come back to us please so we know you ok :)
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
12-Dec-19  14:41:13 (1 year ago)
Hi SUKB! "The state of the UK's birds #SUKB report gives an accessible summary of the latest bird monitoring in the UK & its Overseas Territories." Very fitting I thought! :D
Comment on leoncaver's ( ) profile:
4-Dec-19  23:16:58 (1 year ago)
Welome to Allombo, yes theres a blog, but i do have 2 doggos lol
Comment on theresajohnson2's ( ) profile:
29-Nov-19  13:48:09 (1 year ago)
Miss hottie
Comment on YellowDarter700's ( ) profile:
14-Nov-19  22:59:53 (1 year ago)
this site is not for those vids or pics,keep them for the other place
Comment on mal21160's () profile:
4-Nov-19  5:54:46 (1 year ago)
this site is not for posting nudity or porn, please refer to the rules and also , your about me needs to be changed
Comment on RosieDarling's () profile:
2-Nov-19  11:41:12 (1 year ago)
this site is for general pics only, not your sexually inclined ones , that includes your 'about me' section too

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