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Fri, 3-Apr-20 3:43 PM (1 day ago)
powering through this
only way to do it grin
(13 hours ago)
Thu, 2-Apr-20 9:13 AM (2 days ago)
Ello you lot, thought I would rejoin during the lockdown: )
I'm sorry: )
(2 days ago)
welcome back, maybe you should hang around longer , I might post a pic or 2 one day soon haha smile
(1 day ago)
Topcat570 likes this
Thanks, Bubbles, I might just do that: )
(1 day ago)
Bubbles likes this
thanks !
(17 hours ago)
Thank you: )
(17 hours ago)
Wed, 25-Mar-20 3:12 AM (11 days ago)
hello hello hello... anyone home? grin
Everybody's home!! We're all on lockdown!
(10 days ago)
then this place still has a chance of being lively again !
(10 days ago)
and its still dead quiet in here !
(5 days ago)
not everyone is home! some people are still not getting the idea !! dumb arses ...wink
(1 day ago)
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